Hi, I'm Nick, the guy behind Tumbleweed Fabrication. This business of mine is the culmination of all the experience and training I've acquired throughout my varied work experiences. If you don't mind, let me tell you a bit about myself.

I've taken on some interesting work in lots of different places. I've labored through 12/7's as a rigger on the deck of a ship during the Gulf Coast summer. I've had to conduct field fabrication and repair for an equipment yard refueling station in 10°F weather. I was hired as a mechanic/engineer at Alcatraz in San Francisco to maintain boat systems and island infrastructure. Then I spent a couple of years at an off-grid desert farm, where everything from plumbing and solar power to heavy equipment repair had to be done on a shoestring budget. That was a fun job; I have lots of stories about it.

Besides work experience, I've received formal training and instruction in many different fields. I've been through OSHA powerpoints, videos, and courses. I have electronics training from the US Navy. I completed shipboard engineering courses at Cal-Maritime. I obtained offshore safety and survival certs for oil industry work, if that's relevant to your needs (certs need to be renewed, though). I received my welding certs at Hobart (HIWT), with both honors and perfect attendance over 10 months of courses.

But me personally, I have a few hobbies I enjoy. I like working on my own cars, from brakes to engine rebuilds. I also do a lot with computers, like running servers, coding websites, doing graphics design, stuff like that. Working at the farm got me interested in hydroponics and I've had some fun playing around with automation. If I had the space, I'd definitely get into machining. Amateur geology, night sky photography, 4x4 wilderness explorin', the list goes on.

Anyways, I think you get the idea. I have a diverse set of skills and interests. I can adapt to a wide range of work environments and situations. I've worked for individuals and for companies. I've been a greenhorn and I've been the foreman. No two job sites have been the same, and each one has been a chance to learn something new.

So, after everything else, starting my own business just felt like the next logical thing to do. I decided to do what I enjoy most: welding, fabrication, and building things in general. I've been able to apply my combined work experience to provide thought-out solutions and quality work for all different kinds of projects and repairs. It's been a fun ride so far, and I hope I continue to meet new people in new places and learn new things along the way.

-Nick the welder

I'm based in NW Arizona, but I'm not opposed to travelling for work. I have spent time in many places around the US, as well as parts of Europe and South America. I'm alright with long periods of time away from home for work or training. Just in case you need a welder fabricator in far-off lands, I've got a US passport ready to go.