I can provide a range of welding and fabrication services to meet your project requirements. I'm experienced in the major welding processes, such as stick, TIG, and MIG, and have training in aerospace TIG and TIG/stick pipe combo. I currently hold the following AWS-QC7 certifications:

  • D1.1 SMAW 6G Pipe
  • D1.1 GMAW 2G/5G Pipe (Short Circuit)
  • D1.1 GTAW 2G/5G Pipe
  • D1.1 FCAW Vertical/Overhead
  • D17.1 GTAW Titanium

Tumbleweed Fabrication is based in Northwestern Arizona with easy access to cross-country highways.

Mobile Welding Services

I'm available for field work wherever it's needed. I'm able to weld both structural and pipe, indoors or outdoors. I'm up for the job whether it's three blocks away or halfway across the country.

Metal Repair

Have a broken gate hinge? Rusted metal that needs to be cut out and replaced? Excavator bucket cracked through? Give me a call and I'll swing by and take care of it.

Custom Fabrication

When you need something custom, can't find an off-the-shelf solution, or just have an idea you want to bring to life, contact me with what you need. I'll treat your project like it was my own, with accuracy and attention to detail.

Design Consultation

I can help out when there's a mid-project redesign, or provide input on a part's effectiveness before work starts. I can read pipe, welding, and structural schematics, so rest assured you'll get the part you asked for.